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Dallas, TX- A peek over the Ronald Kirk pedestrian bridge reveals an abandoned Ofo bike share bike on the bank of the Trinity River. Dallas's bike share problem reached its peak in early 2018 with nearly 18,000 bikes strewn about the city clogging walking paths, roadways and medians. Bikes being discarded into ditches, waterways and trees even inspired a dedicated instagram page to the carnage of the failed experiment. By late June, Dallas City council passed regulations that required companies to obtain permits for their operations, sparking most companies to bolt from the market. 

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London- Volunteer Lam Mun Seng waters vegetables in a polytunnel at Holland Farm just north of London. The organic farm is owned by Bhaktivedanta Manor, a center for the Hare Krishna community of North London donated by George Harrison in 1972. Completely operated by volunteers, the farm produces organic vegetables and herbs to be sold to the community through the temple. 

Hattie Harmon’s family has been in the South Dallas neighborhood of Bonton since the 1950s. Growing up, Harmon experienced the struggle and disadvantages that come with poverty. She began using heroin and lived a life of crime and violence until her arrest in the 70s. Harmon spent years in prison and has been rebuilding her life with the help of her faith since her release.

Harmon is one of the members of the Bonton community employed by Bonton Farms, a mission-oriented nonprofit designed to bring jobs and affordable nutrition to the isolated, South Dallas food desert. Harmon has worked at the farm for ten months and soon be the recipient of a 2007 Volkswagon Jetta, donated by the farm. Harmon credits the change in her life to her faith in God. She is an active member of the Lord’s Missionary Baptist Church in Bonton across the street from the farm.

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